ROOP Stainless Steel Water Bottle

ROOP Stainless steel bottles are designed with care to quench your dog’s thirst anytime, anywhere in a way that is convenient for you.

> Four features

> Sophisticated beautiful design

> Convenient 3 sizes

● S size 350ml
● M size 500ml
● L size 750ml

Please see the product page for more details.

┃ Do you keep your dogs hydrated correctly?

About 60-70 % of the human body is made up of water. Thus, water is essential for us to live. It is the same for dogs. For example, the puppies’ bodies contain about 70-80 % water.  Adult dogs’ on the other hand contain about 50-80 % water which is about the same as that of humans. As water makes up more than half of our bodies’ weight, we can safely say that water is essential for life.

So, what happens when we get dehydrated?

Our bodies need to regularly take in fresh water and eliminate liquid waste to function properly. Clean potable water is essential in the transport of nutrients, regulation of body temperature and overall circulation of blood throughout the body. Not having enough water in our bodies can be detrimental. It affects the functioning of the body and brain.

We all need water to keep fit, but how much water should dogs consume daily?

Exactly how much water your dog should drink each day depends on how big your dog is. However, dogs need to drink at least 500 ml to over 1 liter considering that most dogs lose between 10 to 20 % of water per day through metabolism alone. Especially when they are playing vigorously or when it’s very hot outside, they will need more water to make up for the loss. It can be said that giving your dog water when they need is a way of showing more care. We should also pay attention even in the winter because dogs can get a slight dehydration unknowingly in dry air.